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Why should you Intern ?

Students will run and network from day one college on career choices, internships. The economic crisis causes labor tightness and the costs of study increase. As a result, the pressure on students increases to study and be well-prepared for their careers after their studies. More and more universities play this role by activating students early in their studies to be in their future careers.

Fortunately, there are legacy student associations and student organizations that do everything to bridge the gap between study and the labor market. But, as a student, you have to get away from it yourself. The sooner the better. The majority of students start to think about their career after studying in their master’s degree. Campaign: “But if you do not start committees and internships in your second year, you’ll soon miss the boat.”, student pressure is rising through binding study advice, earlier student finance and increasing competition in the labor market.

As a student, you lose little time. Therefore, we recommend students to regularly keep up with their future plans during their studies, and then take action to achieve that. In concrete terms, Campaign recommends the following steps: Realize you from your first year what you want to do with this study. What do you want to show employers in four years when you leave university? Go internship to get to know the business, and show you at business days and business courses.

Where can you go for a good internship? Most faculties have an internship office. But you have more choice if you are going to search the internet yourself. So surf our site and search our list of companies you are interested in and we will be at the forefront in building and escalating your career

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