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Are internships helpful in getting you employment ready?

internships are extremely necessary to ensure that technical students get exposure to the industrial environment, current technology relevant to their subjects, and opportunities to learn, understand, and sharpen real-time technical and managerial skills.

Internships help generate interest in genuinely gaining knowledge and understanding its applicability in work. They also help students become successful professionals – a tag that needs you to have excellent soft skills, entrepreneurial and leadership ability, team spirit, and commitment, besides expertise in their chosen field.

Benefits of Internships for Students As a student,

  • An internship offers myriad benefits – An opportunity to get hired in the Industry/ organization.
  • Practical experience in an organizational setting. Excellent opportunity to see how the theoretical aspects learned in classes are integrated into the practical world.
  • The on-floor experience provides much more professional experience which is often worth more than classroom teaching. Helps them decide if the industry and the profession are the best careers option to pursue.
  • Opportunity to learn new skills and supplement knowledge.
  • Opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills.
  • Opportunity to learn strategies like time management, multi-tasking, etc in an industrial setup. Opportunity to meet new people and learn networking skills.

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